Translation of "whole" - English-French dictionary


adjectivewhole /hoʊl/
(always before n) all of
tout / tout (before a vowel) or toute (before a consonant) , entier/-ière

It takes a whole day to get here.
Il faut une journée entière pour arriver jusqu'ici.

He ate the whole cake.
Il a mangé tout le gâteau.

I've worked hard my whole life.
J'ai travaillé dur toute ma vie / ma vie entière.
=complete; in one piece, or containing all its parts

They'll only buy the set if it's still whole.
Il n'achèteront le service que s'il est encore complet.


noun countablewhole /hoʊl/
an entire thing
tout masculine

Five fifths make a whole.
Cinq cinquièmes font un tout.

the history of Africa as a whole
l'histoire de l'Afrique dans son ensemble
on the whole
in general
dans l'ensemble

On the whole the play was liked by critics.
Dans l'ensemble la pièce a été appréciée par les critiques.
the whole of
all of
tout le / toute la

She slept through the whole of the movie.
Elle a dormi durant tout le film.


adverbwhole /hoʊl/
as one piece
en entier

The snake swallows its prey whole.
Le serpent avale sa proie en entier.
=completely; emphasizes a description
tout à fait

He becomes a whole different person when he's at work.
Il devient quelqu'un de tout à fait différent quand il est au travail.

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adjective /həul/

including everything and/or everyone; complete

(tout) entier
The whole staff collected the money for her leaving present
a whole pineapple.

not broken; in one piece

(en) entier
She swallowed the biscuit whole.
wholeness noun

wholly adverb

completely or altogether

complètement, tout à fait
I am not wholly certain yet.
wholehearted adjective

sincere and enthusiastic

sans réserve(s)
The team manager has the owner’s wholehearted support.
wholemeal noun

flour made from the entire wheat grain or seed

wholemeal flour/bread.
on the whole

taking everything into consideration

dans l’ensemble
Our trip was successful on the whole.



the entire thing

totalité; tout
We spent the whole of one week sunbathing on the beach.

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