Translation of "wire" - English-French dictionary


noun countablewire /waɪər/
a thread of metal
fil masculine de fer

roses held together with a piece of wire
des rosiers maintenus ensemble avec un morceau de fil de fer

wire fencing
un grillage
a cable carrying electricity or telephone signals
fil masculine électrique

the wires leading into the house
les fils électriques menant dans la maison

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noun /ˈwaiə/

(also adjective) (of) metal drawn out into a long strand, as thick as string or as thin as thread

fil (métallique/électrique); grillage
We need some wire to connect the battery to the rest of the circuit
a wire fence.

a single strand of this

There must be a loose wire in my radio somewhere.

the metal cable used in telegraphy

The message came over the wire this morning.

a telegram

Send me a wire if I’m needed urgently.
wireless noun

an older word for (a) radio.

wiring noun

the (system of) wires used in connecting up a circuit etc.

installation électrique
high wire

a high tightrope

corde raide
acrobats on the high wire.
wire-netting noun

a material with wide mesh woven of wire, used in fencing etc

He covered the strawberry plants with wire-netting to prevent the birds from getting at the fruit.



to send a telegram to

télégraphier (à)
Wire me if anything important happens.

to send (a message) by telegram

You can wire the details to my brother in New York.

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