Translation of "act" - English-German dictionary


verb /ӕkt/

to do something

It’s time the government acted to lower taxes.

to behave

sich verhalten
He acted foolishly at the meeting.

to perform (a part) in a play

He has acted (the part of Romeo) on many occasions
I thought he was dying, but he was only acting (= pretending).
acting adjective

temporarily carrying out the duties of

He is acting president of the society.
actor noun (feminine also actress)

a performer in a play.

der/die Schauspieler(in)
act as

to do the work or duties of

fungieren als
He acts as head of department when his boss is away.
act on

to do something following the advice etc of someone

I am acting on the advice of my lawyer.

to have an effect on

wirken auf
Certain acids act on metal.
act on behalf of / act for

to do something for (someone else); to act as the representative of (someone)

My lawyer is acting on my behalf
He is also acting on behalf of my mother
She is acting for the headmaster in his absence.
in the act (of)

at the exact moment (of doing something)

auf frischer Tat
He was caught in the act (of stealing my car).
put on an act

to pretend

Theater spielen
I thought she had hurt herself but she was only putting on an act.

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