Translation of "cash" - English-German dictionary


noun /kӕʃ/

coins or paper money, not cheques, credit cards etc

das Bargeld
Do you wish to pay cash?

payment by money or cheque as opposed to payment by account

die Barzahlung
Cash or account, madam?

money in any form

das Geld
He has plenty of cash.
cashier /kӕˈʃiə/ noun

a person who receives and pays out money (eg in a bank), works at a cash register etc

der/die Kassierer(in)
a bank cashier
a cashier in a supermarket.
cash-and-carry noun

a store where goods are sold more cheaply for cash and taken away by the buyer.

gegen Barzahlung und bei eigenem Transport
cash machine noun

(also cash dispenser, cashpoint; American ATM) a machine, usually outside a bank, from which people can get money with their credit cards or bank cards.

der Bankautomat
cash register

a machine for holding money, which records the amount put in.

die Registrierkasse
cash in

to exchange for money

I’ve cashed in all my shares.
cash in on

to take financial or other advantage of (a situation etc)

Nutzen ziehen aus
He is the sort of person who cashes in on other people’s misfortunes.

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