Translation of "domestic" - English-German dictionary


adjective /dəˈmestik/

of or in the house or home

a domestic servant
domestic utensils.

concerning one’s private life or family

domestic problems.

(of animals) tame and living with or used by people.

Cats are popular domestic pets.

not foreign

a domestic airline
the Government’s domestic policy.
domesticated /-keitid/ adjective

(of animals) accustomed to living near and being used by people

Cows and sheep have been domesticated for many thousands of years.

good at doing jobs associated with running a house

an das häusliche Leben gewöhnt
My husband has become very domesticated since I’ve been ill.
domestication noun

die Häuslichkeit, die Zähmung
domesticity /doumeˈstisəti/ noun

(fondness for) home life.

die Häuslichkeit
domestic help

(a person paid to give) assistance with housework etc.

die Haushaltshilfe

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