Translation of "element" - English-German dictionary


noun /ˈeləmənt/

an essential part of anything

der Grundbestandteil
Sound teaching of grammar is one of the elements of a good education.

a substance that cannot be split by chemical means into simpler substances

das Element
Hydrogen, chlorine, iron and uranium are elements.

surroundings necessary for life

das (Lebens-)Element
Water is a fish’s natural element.

a slight amount

das Fünkchen
There is an element of doubt in my mind.

the heating part in an electric kettle etc.

das Heizelement
elementary /-ˈmen-/ adjective

very simple; not advanced

elementary mathematics.
elements noun plural

the first things to be learned in any subject

die Grundlage
the elements of musical theory.

the forces of nature, as wind and rain.

Naturkräfte (pl.)
The hut provided protection from the elements.
in one’s element

in the surroundings that are most natural or pleasing to one.

in seinem Element sein
The actor is clearly in his element paying this role.

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