Translation of "excel" - English-German dictionary


verb /ikˈsel/ (past tense, past participle excelled)

to stand out beyond others (in some quality etc); to do very well (in or at some activity)

sich auszeichnen
He excelled in mathematics / at football.

to be better than

She excels them all at swimming.
excellence /ˈek-/ noun

unusual goodness or worth

die Vortrefflichkeit
Many of his former students have praised his excellence as a teacher.
Excellency /ˈek-/ noun (plural Excellencies)

(with His, Youretc) a title of honour, used eg for ambassadors

die Exzellenz
His/Your Excellency
Their Excellencies.
excellent /ˈek-/ adjective

unusually good

an excellent plan.
excellently adverb


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