Translation of "except" - English-German dictionary


preposition /ikˈsept/

leaving out; not including

They’re all here except Peter
Your essay was good except that it was too long.
excepted adjective

all European countries, Denmark excepted (= except Denmark).
excepting preposition

leaving out or excluding

Those cars are all reliable, excepting the old red one.
exception /-ʃən/ noun

something or someone not included

die Ausnahme
They all work hard, without exception
With the exception of Jim, we all went home early.

something not according to the rule

die Ausnahme
We normally don’t eat much at lunchtime, but Sunday is an exception.
exceptional adjective

(negative unexceptional) unusual; remarkable

exceptional loyalty
His ability is exceptional.
exceptionally adverb


exceptionally stupid.
except for

apart from

bis auf
We enjoyed the holiday except for the dealy at the airport.


bis auf
Except for John, they all arrived punctually.
take exception to/at

to object to

Einwendungen machen gegen
The old lady took exception to the rudeness of the children.

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