Translation of "expend" - English-German dictionary


verb /ikˈspend/

to use or spend (supplies etc).

expenditure /-tʃə/ noun

the act of spending

die Ausgabe, der Verbrauch
the expenditure of money and resources
His expenditure(s) amounted to $500.
expense /-s/ noun

the spending of money etc; cost

die Unkosten (pl.)
I’ve gone to a lot of expense to educate you well.

a cause of spending

die Ausgabe
What an expense clothes are!
expenses /-siz/ noun plural

money spent in carrying out a job etc

die Spesen
His firm paid his travelling expenses.
expensive /-siv/ adjective

costing a great deal

expensive clothes.
at the expense of

being paid for by; at the cost of

auf Kosten von
He equipped the expedition at his own expense
At the expense of his health he finally completed the work.

making (a person) appear ridiculous

auf Kosten von
He told a joke at his wife’s expense.

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