Translation of "instruct" - English-German dictionary


verb /inˈstrakt/

to teach or train (a person in a subject or skill)

Girls as well as boys should be instructed in woodwork.

to order or direct (a person especially to do something)

He was instructed to come here at nine o’clock
I have already instructed her how to cook the meat.
instruction /-ʃən/ noun

(in plural ) (a book etc giving) directions, eg about the use of a machine etc

die Gebrauchsanweisung
Could I look at the instructions, please?

an order or direction

die Anweisung
You must learn to obey instructions.

the act of instructing (especially in a school subject or a skill) or the process of being instructed

der Unterricht
She sometimes gives instruction in gymnastics.
instructive /-tiv/ adjective

giving knowledge or information

He gave an instructive talk about bee-keeping.
instructively adverb

instructiveness noun

das Belehrende
instructor noun (feminine instructress)

a person who gives instruction (in a skill etc)

der Lehrer
a driving instructor
a ski instructor.

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