Translation of "name" - English-German dictionary


noun /neim/

a word by which a person, place or thing is called

der Name
My name is Rachel
She knows all the flowers by name.

reputation; fame

der Ruf
He has a name for honesty.
nameless adjective

not having a name

a nameless fear.

not spoken of by name

The culprit shall remain nameless.
namely adverb

that is

Only one student passed the exam, namely John.
nameplate noun

a piece of metal, plastic etc with a name on it

das (Namens-)Schild
You will know his office by the nameplate on the door.
namesake noun

a person with the same name as oneself

der Namensvetter, die Namensschwester
The painting had been bought by his grandfather and namesake George.
call (someone) names

to insult (someone) by applying rude names to him

(jemanden) beschimpfen
The other children at school have been calling him names again.
in the name of

by the authority of

im Namen
I arrest you in the name of the Queen.
make a name for oneself

to become famous, get a (usually good) reputation etc

sich einen Namen nachen
He made a name for himself as a concert pianist.
name after (American name for)

to give (a child or a thing) the name of (another person)

benennen nach
Peter was named after his father.

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