Translation of "pitch" - English-German dictionary


verb /pitʃ/

to set up (a tent or camp)

They pitched their tent in the field.

to throw

He pitched the stone into the river.

to (cause to) fall heavily

He pitched forward.

(of a ship) to rise and fall violently

The boat pitched up and down on the rough sea.

to set (a note or tune) at a particular level

He pitched the tune too high for my voice.

of a (certain) musical pitch

a high-pitched / low-pitched voice.
pitcher noun

a person who pitches especially (in baseball) the player who throws the ball.

der/die Werfer(in)
pitched battle

a battle between armies that have been prepared and arranged for fighting beforehand

offene Schlacht
They fought a pitched battle.
pitchfork noun

a large long-handled fork for lifting and moving hay.

die Heugabel

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