Translation of "place" - English-German dictionary


noun /pleis/

a particular spot or area

der Ort
a quiet place in the country
I spent my holiday in various different places.

an empty space

der Platz
There’s a place for your books on this shelf.

an area or building with a particular purpose

der Platz
a market-place.

a seat (in a theatre, train, at a table etc)

der Platz
He went to his place and sat down.

a position in an order, series, queue etc

der Platz
She got the first place in the competition
I lost my place in the queue.

a person’s position or level of importance in society etc

der Platz
Warriors rose to an important place in Aztec society.

a point in the text of a book etc

die Stelle
The wind was blowing the pages of my book and I kept losing my place.

duty or right

die Aufgabe
It’s not my place to tell him he’s wrong.

a job or position in a team, organization etc

der Platz
He’s got a place in the team
He’s hoping for a place on the staff.

house; home

die Wohnung
Come over to my place.

(often abbreviated to Pl.when written) a word used in the names of certain roads, streets or squares.

der Platz

a number or one of a series of numbers following a decimal point

die Stelle
Make the answer correct to four decimal places.
place-name noun

the name of a town, hill, valley etc.

der Ortsname
go places

to be successful, especially in one’s career

es weit bringen
That young man is sure to go places.
in the first/second etc place

expressions used to show steps in an argument, explanation etc

erstens, zweitens, etc.
He decided not to buy the house, because in the first place it was too expensive, and in the second place it was too far from his office.
in place

in the proper position; tidy

am Platz
He left everything in place.
in place of

instead of

an Stelle (von)
We advise discussion in place of argument
John couldn’t go, so I went in his place.
out of place

not suitable (to the occasion etc)

fehl am Platz
His clothes are quite out of place at a formal dinner.

not in the proper position; untidy

fehl am Platz
Although he had had to run most of the way, he arrived with not a hair out of place.
put oneself in someone else’s place

to imagine what it would be like to be someone else

sich in die Lage von jemandem versetzen
If you put yourself in his place, you can understand why he is so careful.
put (someone) in his/her place

to remind (someone), often in a rude or angry way, of his lower social position, or lack of importance, experience etc

jemanden in seine Schranken weisen
She put him in his place with a stern telling-off.
take place

to happen

What took place after that?
take the place of

to be used instead of, or to be a substitute for

I don’t think television will ever take the place of books.

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