Translation of "private" - English-German dictionary


adjective /ˈpraivət/

of, for, or belonging to, one person or group, not to the general public

The headmaster lives in a private apartment in the school
in my private (=personal) opinion
This information is to be kept strictly private
You shouldn’t listen to private conversations.

having no public or official position or rank

It is your duty as a private citizen to report this matter to the police.
privacy /ˈprivəsi, (American) ˈprai-/ noun

the state of being away from other people’s sight or interest

die Zurückgezogenheit
in the privacy of your own home.
privately adverb

private enterprise

the management and financing of industry etc by individual persons or companies and not by the state.

freie Wirtschaft
private means

money that does not come from one’s work but from investment, inheritance etc.

das Privatvermögen
in private

with no-one else listening or watching; not in public

unter vier Augen
May I speak to you in private?

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