Translation of "rent" - English-German dictionary


noun /rent/

money paid, usually regularly, for the use of a house, shop, land etc which belongs to someone else

die Miete
The rent for this flat is £250 a week.
rental noun

money paid as rent

der Mietbetrag
car rental.

the act of renting

das Mieten
The rental in this area is high.
rent-a-car noun

a company that rents cars.

die Autovermietung, das Rent-a-car

a car rented.

der Mietwagen
rent-free adverb

without payment of rent

He lives there rent-free.
rent out

to allow people to use (a house etc which one owns) in exchange for money.

How much do they rent out the cottage for?
see also let.

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