Translation of "represent" - English-German dictionary


verb /reprəˈzent/

to speak or act on behalf of

You have been chosen to represent our association at the conference.

to be a sign, symbol, picture etc of

In this play, the man in black represents Death and the young girl Life.

to be a good example of; to show or illustrate

What he said represents the feelings of many people.
representation noun

the act of representing or the state of being represented

die Vertretung
proportional representation.

a person or thing that represents

die Darstellung
These primitive statues are intended as representations of gods and goddesses.

(often in plural) a strong appeal, demand or protest.

die Vorhaltung
representative /-tətiv/ adjective

being a good example (of something); typical

We need opinions from a representative sample of people
Is this poem representative of his work?

carried on by elected people

representative government.

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