Translation of "run" - English-German dictionary



a trip or drive

der Abstecher
We went for a run in the country.

a length of time (for which something continues)

die Strähne
He’s had a run of bad luck.

a ladder (in a stocking etc)

die Laufmasche
I’ve got a run in my tights.

the free use (of a place)

freie Benutzung
He gave me the run of his house.

in cricket, a batsman’s act of running from one end of the wicket to the other, representing a single score

der Lauf
He scored/made 50 runs for his team.

an enclosure or pen

der Auslauf
a chicken-run.

(Translation of “run” from the PASSWORD English–German Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)