Translation of "school" - English-German dictionary


noun /skuːl/

a place for teaching especially children

die Schule
She goes to the school
He’s not at university – he’s still at school
(American) He’s still in school.

the pupils of a school

die Schüler (pl.)
The behaviour of this school in public is sometimes not very good.

a series of meetings or a place for instruction etc

die Schule
She runs a sewing school
a driving school.

a department of a university or college dealing with a particular subject

die Fakultät
the School of Mathematics.

(American) a university or college.

die Hochschule

a group of people with the same ideas etc

die Schule
There are two schools of thought about the treatment of this disease.
schoolbag noun

a bag for carrying books etc to and from school

die Schultasche
She had a schoolbag on her back.
schoolboy nouns ( schoolgirl)

a boy or girl who goes to school

der/die Schüler(in)
a naughty schoolboy.
schoolchild noun (plural schoolchildren)

a child who goes to school.

das Schulkind
school day noun

a day on which children go to school

die Schulzeit
On a school day I get up at seven o’clock.
schooldays noun plural

the time of a person’s life during which he goes to school.

die Schulzeit
schoolfellow noun

a person who is or was taught at the same school, especially in the same class

der/die Schulkamerad(in)
I met an old schoolfellow of yours.
school-leaver noun

a school-pupil who is about to leave, or has just left, school eg because he has finished his course of education there

der/die Schulabgänger(in)
School-leavers are finding it hard to get jobs these days.
schoolmaster noun (feminine schoolmistress)

a person who teaches in school.

der/die Lehrer(in)
schoolmate noun

a schoolfellow, especially a friend.

der/die Schulkamerad(in)
schoolteacher noun

a person who teaches in a school.

der/die Lehrer(in)

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