Translation of "screw" - English-German dictionary


noun /skruː/

a type of nail that is driven into something by a firm twisting action

die Schraube
I need four strong screws for fixing the cupboard to the wall.

an action of twisting a screw etc

das Anziehen
He tightened it by giving it another screw.
screwdriver noun

a kind of tool for turning screws.

der Schraubenzieher
be/get screwed

(slang) be cheated

leid tun
You’ve been screwed – it’s not worth more than $10.
have a screw loose

(of a person) to be a bit mad

eine Schraube locker haben
She obviously has a screw loose if she thinks she’s going to make it as a pop singer.
put the screws on

to use force or pressure in dealing with a person

unter Druck setzen
If he won’t give us the money, we’ll have to put the screws on (him).
screw up

to twist or wrinkle (the face or features)

The baby screwed up its face and began to cry.

to crumple

She screwed up the letter.

(slang) to bungle; to make a mess of

durcheinander bringen
He screwed up again
Plan it carefully – I don’t want you to screw things up.
screw up one’s courage

to make oneself brave enough to do something

seinen Mut zusammennehmen
He screwed up his courage to ask her to marry him.

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