Translation of "state" - English-German dictionary


noun /steit/

the condition in which a thing or person is

der Zustand
the bad state of the roads
The room was in an untidy state
He inquired about her state of health
What a state you’re in!
He was not in a fit state to take the class.

a country considered as a political community, or, as in the United States, one division of a federation

der Staat, Staats-…
The Prime Minister visits the Queen once a week to discuss affairs of state
The care of the sick and elderly is considered partly the responsibility of the state
(also adjective) The railways are under state control
state-controlled / owned industries.

ceremonial dignity and splendour

der Staat, Staats-…
The Queen, wearing her robes of state, drove in a horse-drawn coach to Westminster
(also adjective) state occasions/banquets.
stately adjective

noble, dignified and impressive in appearance or manner

She is tall and stately
a stately home.
stateliness noun

die Stattlichkeit
statesman /ˈsteits-/ noun

a person who plays an important part in the government of a state.

der Staatsmann
statesmanlike /ˈsteits-/ adjective

showing the qualities of a good statesman.

statesmanship /ˈsteits-/ noun

skill in directing the affairs of a state.

get into a state

to become very upset or anxious

aus dem Häuschen geraten
She got into a right state when her daughter did not come home from school at the usual time.
lie in state

(of a corpse) to be laid in a place of honour for the public to see, before burial.

feierlich aufgebahrt liegen

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