Translation of "sun" - English-German dictionary


noun /san/

the round body in the sky that gives light and heat to the earth

die Sonne
The Sun is nearly 150 million kilometres away from the Earth.

any of the fixed stars

die Sonne
Do other suns have planets revolving round them?

light and heat from the sun; sunshine

die Sonne
We sat in the sun
In Britain they don’t get enough sun
The sun has faded the curtains.
sunless adjective

without sun, or lacking sunlight

ohne Sonne
a sunless room.
sunny adjective

filled with sunshine

sunny weather.

cheerful and happy

The child has a sunny nature.
sunniness noun

die Sonnigkeit
sunbathe verb

to lie or sit in the sun, especially wearing few clothes, in order to get a suntan

ein Sonnenbad nehmen
She’s sunbathing by the pool.
sunbeam noun

a ray of the sun.

der Sonnenstrahl
sunburn noun

the brown or red colour of the skin caused by exposure to the sun’s rays.

der Sonnenbrand
sunburned adjective ( sunburnt)

sunburnt faces.
sundial noun

a device, usually in a garden, for telling time from the shadow of a rod or plate on its surface cast by the sun.

ein Sonnendach
sundown noun

(especially American) sunset.

der Sonnenstrahl
sunflower noun

a type of large yellow flower with petals like rays of the sun, from whose seeds we get oil.

die Sonnenblume
sunglasses noun plural

glasses of dark-coloured glass or plastic to protect the eyes in bright sunlight.

die Sonnenbrille
sunlight noun

the light of the sun

der Sonnenschein
The cat was sitting in a patch of sunlight.
sunlit adjective

lighted up by the sun

a sunlit room.
sunrise noun

the rising of the sun in the morning, or the time of this

der Sonnenaufgang
We got up at sunrise.
sunset noun

the setting of the sun, or the time of this

der Sonnenuntergang
the red glow of the sunset.
sunshade noun

a type of umbrella for sheltering a person from the sun; a parasol.

der Sonnenschirm
sunshine noun

the light of the sun

der Sonnenschein
The children were playing in the sunshine.

cheerfulness or happiness.

sonnige Laune
sunstroke noun

a serious illness caused by being in very hot sunshine for too long.

der Sonnenstich
suntan noun

a brown colour of the skin caused by exposure to the sun

die Bräune
I’m trying to get a suntan.
catch the sun

to become sunburnt.

einen Sonnenbrand bekommen
under the sun

in the whole world

auf Erden
I’m sure that he must have visited every country under the sun.

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