Translation of "top" - English-German dictionary


noun /top/

the highest part of anything

die Spitze
the top of the hill
the top of her head.

the position of the cleverest in a class etc

die Spitze
He’s at the top of the class.

the upper surface

die Oberfläche
the table-top.

a lid

der Deckel
I’ve lost the top to this jar
a bottle-top.

a (woman’s) garment for the upper half of the body; a blouse, sweater etc

das Sonnentop
I bought a new skirt and top.
topless adjective

having no top

ohne Spitze

very high.

unermeßlich hoch
topping noun

something that forms a covering on top of something, especially food

die Spitze
a tart with a topping of cream.
top hat /ˈtopə/ abbreviation (topper)

a man’s tall hat, worn as formal dress

der Zylinder
He was wearing a top hat and tails.
top-heavy adjective

having the upper part too heavy for the lower

That pile of books is top-heavy – it’ll fall over!
top-secret adjective

very secret

streng geheim
top-secret information.
at the top of one’s voice

very loudly

aus vollem Halse
They were shouting at the top(s) of their voices.
be/feel etc on top of the world

to feel very well and happy

She’s on top of the world – she’s just got engaged to be married.
from top to bottom


von oben bis unten
They’ve painted the house from top to bottom.
the top of the ladder/tree

the highest point in one’s profession.

der Gipfel des Erfolgs
top up

to fill (a cup etc that has been partly emptied) to the top

Let me top up your glass/drink.

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