Translation of "train" - English-German dictionary


verb /trein/

to prepare, be prepared, or prepare oneself, through instruction, practice, exercise etc, for a sport, job, profession etc

I was trained as a teacher
The racehorse was trained by my uncle.

to point or aim (a gun, telescope etc) in a particular direction

He trained the gun on/at the soldiers.

to make (a tree, plant etc) grow in a particular direction

You could train the plant up the trellis.
trained adjective

(negative untrained) having had teaching

She’s a trained nurse
a well-trained dog.
trainee noun

a person who is being trained

der/die Auszubildende; Ausbildungs-…
He’s a trainee with an industrial firm
(also adjective) a trainee teacher.
trainer noun

a person who prepares people or animals for sport, a race etc

der/die Ausbilder/(in)
a personal trainer.

an aircraft used for training pilots.

das Schulflugzeug
training noun

preparation for a sport

das Training
He has gone into training for the race.

the process of learning (the practical side of) a job

die Ausbildung
It takes many years of training to be a doctor.

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