Translation of "tune" - English-German dictionary


noun /tjuːn/

musical notes put together in a particular (melodic and pleasing) order; a melody

die Melodie
He played a tune on the violin.
tuneful adjective

having a good, clear, pleasant etc tune

That song is very tuneful.
tunefully adverb

tunefulness noun

die Melodik
tuneless adjective

without a good etc tune; unmusical

The child was singing in a tuneless voice.
tunelessly adverb

tunelessness noun

das Unmelodische
tuner noun

(also piano-tuner) a person whose profession is tuning pianos.

der/die Instrumentenstimmer(in)

the dial on a radio etc used to tune in to the different stations.

der Tuner

a radio which is part of a stereo system.

der Tuner
change one’s tune

to change one’s attitude, opinions etc

seine Einstellung ändern
He soon changed his tune when he realized tha there was money to be mede from the situation.
in tune

(of a musical instrument) having been adjusted so as to give the correct pitches

richtig gestimmt
Is the violin in tune with the piano?

(of a person’s singing voice) at the same pitch as that of other voices or instruments

richtige Tonhöhe
Someone in the choir isn’t (singing) in tune.
out of tune

not in tune

She was singing out of tune.
tune in

to tune a radio (to a particular station or programme)

We usually tune (the radio) in to the news.
tune up

(of an orchestra etc) to tune instruments

The band were tuning up just before the performance.

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