Translation of "after" - English-Indonesian dictionary


preposition /ˈaːftə/

later in time or place than

After 5 o’clock, we were free to go home.

following (often indicating repetition)

We had a lot of problems – it was one thing after another
Night after night, the dogs’ barking kept us awake.


Shut the door after you!

in search or pursuit of

He ran after the bus.


setelah, segala-galanya
After all I’ve done, you’d think he’d thank me
It’s disappointing to fail after all that work.

(American in telling the time) past

It’s a quarter after ten.
after-effect /ˈaːftərɪˌfekt/ noun

a bad effect that remains after taking a drug or after an unpleasant event such as an illness

akibat selanjutnya
the after-effects of cancer treatment.
aftermath /-mӕθ/ noun

the situation etc resulting from an important, especially unpleasant, event

dampak, akibat
The country is still suffering from the aftermath of the war.
aftershave /ˈaːftəˌʃeiv/ noun

a liquid with a pleasant smell that men put on their faces

pelembab setelah bercukur
a bottle of aftershave.
aftertaste /ˈaˈftəˌteist/ noun

a taste that stays in your mouth after you have eaten or drunk something

rasa yang melekat
This wine has a strange aftertaste.
afterthought noun

a later thought

pikiran sesudahnya
I only took my camera with me as an afterthought, but I was pleased that I did.
afterwards adverb

later or after something else has happened or happens

sesudah itu
He told me afterwards that he had not enjoyed the film.
after all

(used when giving a reason for doing something etc) taking everything into consideration

bagaimanapun juga
I won’t invite him. After all, I don’t really know him.

in spite of everything that has/had happened, been said etc

tetap saja
It turns out he went by plane after all.
be after

to be looking for something

What are you after?
The police are after him.

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