Translation of "approve" - English-Indonesian dictionary


verb /əˈpruːv/

(often with of) to be pleased with or think well of (a person, thing etc)

I approve of your decision.

to agree to (something)

The committee approved the plan.
approval noun

the act or state of agreeing to or being pleased with (a person, thing etc)

This proposal meets with my approval.
approving adjective

showing that you support or agree with something

He gave me an approving look.
approvingly adverb

dengan setuju
She gazed approvingly at her reflection in the bedroom mirror.
on approval

to be sent or given back to a shop etc if not satisfactory

atas syarat
She bought two dresses on approval.

(Translation of “approve” from the PASSWORD English–Indonesian Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)