Translation of "change" - English-Italian dictionary


verb /tʃeɪndʒ/ us /tʃeɪndʒ/ present participle changing, past tense and past participle changed

A1 to stop having or doing one thing, and start having or doing another

cambiare, scambiare
I changed jobs to make more money. Ho cambiato lavoro per guadagnare di più.
I’ve changed my doctor. Ho cambiato medico di base.

A2 to become different, or to make someone or something become different

She’s changed a lot in the last few years. È molto cambiata in questi ultimi anni.
That book changed my life. Quel libro mi ha cambiato la vita.

A2 also get changed to take off your clothes and put on different ones

Is there somewhere I can get changed? C’è qualche posto dove posso cambiarmi?
change buses, planes, etc.

A2 to get off one bus, plane, etc. and get on a different one

cambiare autobus, aereo, ecc.
I have to change trains at Bristol. Devo prendere la coincidenza a Bristol.
I have to change planes in Atlanta. Devo prendere un altro aereo ad Atlanta.

A2 to get one type of money in exchange for a different type

Where can I change my dollars? Dove posso cambiare i miei dollari?

B1 to take something you have bought back to a shop and exchange it for something else

I had to change / those shorts I bought for a bigger pair. Ho dovuto cambiare / i pantaloncini che ho comprato con un paio più grande.
change the subject

to start talking about a different subject

cambiare l’argomento
I’d tried to explain my feelings, but he just changed the subject. Avevo provato a spiegargli come mi sentivo ma lui ha semplicemente cambiato argomento.
noun /tʃeɪndʒ/ us /tʃeɪndʒ/

A2 the process or result of something becoming different

cambiamento, cambio
We need to make / a few changes to the design. Dobbiamo apportare / qualche cambiamento al progetto.

A2 the process of stopping one thing and starting to have or do another thing

cambiamento, cambio
a change of address un cambiamento di indirizzo
a change of plan un cambiamento di progetto

A2 [ no plural ] the money that you get back when you pay more for something than it costs

Here’s your receipt and change. Ecco la ricevuta e il resto.

A2 [ no plural ] coins, not paper money

moneta, spiccioli
Do you have any change for the parking meter? Hai spiccioli per il parchimetro?
a change of clothes

A2 a set of clean clothes that you can put on if you need to take off the ones that you are wearing

un cambio di vestiti
Make sure you bring a change of clothes. Assicurati di portare un cambio di vestiario.

B1 a different experience from what is usual, or something that is pleasant or interesting because it is unusual or new

cambiamento, cambio
You know, I’m really ready for a change. Sai, sono proprio pronto per un cambiamento.
The holiday will make a nice change. La vacanza sarà un bel cambiamento.
for a change

B1 used to say that something is unusual or new

per cambiare
It’s nice to see her smile for a change. È bello vederla sorridere una volta tanto.

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