Translation of "cost" - English-Italian dictionary


noun uk /kɒst/ us /kɔst/

A2 the amount of money that you need to buy or do something

The cost of rail travel is terrible. Il costo del viaggiare in treno è terribile.
at all costs

If something must be done at all costs, it is very important that it is done.

a tutti i costi
We have to succeed at all costs. Dobbiamo farcela a tutti i costi.
verb uk /kɒst/ us /kɔst/ past tense and past participle cost

A2 If something costs a particular amount of money, you have to pay that in order to buy or do it.

How much do these shoes cost? Quanto costano queste scarpe?
It costs $5 to send the package by airmail. Costa $5 a mandare un pacco per posta aerea.

to cause someone to lose something valuable

Drinking and driving costs lives (= can cause death). Guidare in stato di ubriachezza può costare delle vite.
His affairs cost him his marriage. Le sue relazioni extra-coniugali gli sono costate il matrimonio.
cost an arm and a leg

to be extremely expensive

costare un occhio della testa
I’d love to buy a new car, but they cost an arm and a leg. Mi piacerebbe comprare una nuova macchina ma costano un occhio della testa.

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