Translation of "course" - English-Italian dictionary


noun uk /kɔːs/ us /kɔrs/
of course

A1 used to say ‘yes’ strongly, often to be polite

certo, certamente
‘Can you help me?’ ‘Of course!’ “Mi puoi aiutare?” “Certamente!”
of course

B1 used to show that what you are saying is obvious

come si sa
Of course, the Olympics are not just about money. Chiaramente le olimpiadi non sono solo per il denaro.
of course not

A2 used to say ‘no’ strongly

no di certo
‘Do you mind if I borrow your pen?’ ‘Of course not.’ “Ti dispiace se prendo in prestito la tua penna?” “Certo che no.”

A1 a set of lessons about a particular subject

She did a ten-week computer course. Ha fatto un corso di computer di dieci settimane.

A2 a part of a meal

portata, piatto
a three-course dinner una cena con tre portate

B1 an area used for horse races or playing golf

pista (per corse di cavalli), campo (di golf)
a golf course una pista da golf

the direction in which a ship, plane, etc. is moving

The boat was blown off course (= in the wrong direction). Il vento ha portato l’imbarcazione fuori rotta.

the way something develops, usually over a long time

Nuclear weapons have changed the course of history. Le armi nucleari hanno cambiato il corso della storia moderna.

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