Translation of "ground" - English-Italian dictionary


uk /ɡraʊnd/ us /ɡrɑʊnd/

past tense and past participle of grind

passato semplice e participio passato di “grind”
noun /ɡraʊnd/ us /ɡrɑʊnd/
the ground

B1 the surface of the earth

la terra
I sat down on the ground. Mi sono seduto per terra.

[ no plural ] the soil in an area

terreno, suolo
The ground was soft after the rain. Il terreno era morbido dopo la pioggia.

B1 UK an area of land used for a particular activity

a football ground un campo da calcio
grounds [ plural ]

the land around a building

giardini, terreni, parco
the grounds of the hospital i giardini dell’ospedale
Smoking is not allowed on school grounds. È vietato fumare nel cortile della scuola.
grounds [ plural ]

a reason for doing or believing something

I refused on the grounds that (= because) it was too risky. Ho rifiutato per il motivo che era troppo rischioso.
We have grounds to believe that you have been lying to us. Abbiamo motivo di credere che ci hai mentito.

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