Translation of "handle" - English-Italian dictionary


verb uk /ˈhæn·dl/ us /ˈhæn·dəl/ present participle handling, past tense and past participle handled

B1 to deal with or be in charge of something

trattare, occuparsi di
He handled the situation very well. Ha gestito la situazione molto bene.
Who handles the marketing in your company? Chi si occupa del marketing nella tua azienda?

to touch, hold, or pick up something

You must wash your hands before handling food. Occorre lavarsi le mani prima di maneggiare il cibo.
noun uk /ˈhæn·dl/ us /ˈhæn·dəl/

the part of something that you use to hold it or open it

maniglia, manico
a door handle una maniglia della porta
the handle on a suitcase il manico di una valigia

(Translation of “handle” from the Cambridge English–Italian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)