Translation of "meet" - English-Italian dictionary


verb uk /miːt/ us /mit/ past tense and past participle met

A1 to come to the same place as someone else

incontrare, incontrarsi
We met for coffee last Sunday. Ci siamo incontrati per prendere un caffè domenica scorsa.
I met an old friend at a party last Saturday. Ho incontrato un vecchio amico a una festa sabato scorso.

A1 to see and speak to someone for the first time

‘This is Helen.’ ‘Pleased to meet you.’ “Questa è Helen.” “Piacere.”

B1 to wait at a place for someone or something to arrive

incontrare, andare a prendere
They met me at the airport. Mi sono venuti a prendere all’aeroporto.

B1 If a group of people meet, they come to a place in order to do something.

The group meets every Thursday. Il gruppo si riunisce ogni giovedì.

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