Translation of "out" - English-Italian dictionary


adverb uk /aʊt/ us /ɑʊt/

B1 used to show movement away from the inside of somewhere

fuori, via
He dropped the bag and all the apples fell out. Gli è caduto di mano il sacchetto e sono cascate fuori tutte le mele.

A2 used to refer to a period of time when someone goes away from home for a social activity

He’s asked me out to the cinema next week. Mi ha invitato ad andare al cinema la prossima settimana.

A2 not in the place where you usually live or work

I went round to see her but she was out. Sono passato a trovarla ma non era in casa.

B1 ready to buy or see

disponibile (da comparare), uscito (film, libro, ecc.)
When is the new Spielberg movie out? Quando esce il nuovo film di Spielberg?

B1 able to be seen

visibile, in vista
The stars are out tonight. Stanotte si vedono le stelle.

B1 to the point where something is removed or disappears

The stain won’t come out. La macchia non viene via.

A fire or light that is out is not burning or shining.

Bring some more wood – the fire’s out. Portami dell’altra legna – si è spento il fuoco.

(Translation of “out” from the Cambridge English–Italian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)