Translation of "red" - English-Italian dictionary


adjective uk /red/ us /red/ comparative redder, superlative reddest

A1 being the same colour as blood

a red shirt una camicia rossa

A2 describes hair that is an orange-brown colour

Both children have red hair. Tutti e due i bambini hanno i capelli rossi.
go red

If someone goes red, their face becomes red because they are embarrassed or angry.

He kissed her on the cheek and she went bright red. Le ha dato un bacio sulla guancia ed è diventata rossa come un peperone.
noun uk /red/ us /red/

A2 the colour of blood

be in the red

If your bank account is in the red, you have spent more money than there was in it.

essere in passivo/al rosso
see red

to become very angry

vederci rosso, infuriarsi
Bad drivers make me see red. Quelli che guidano male mi fanno infuriare.

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