Translation of "run" - English-Italian dictionary


verb uk /rʌn/ us /rʌn/ present participle running, past tense ran, past participle run

A1 to move on your feet at a faster speed than walking

He can run very fast. Sa correre molto veloce.
I run about three miles every morning. Corro circa cinque chilometri ogni mattina.

B1 to organize or control something

dirigere, gestire, far funzionare
She ran her own restaurant for five years. Ha gestito il proprio ristorante per cinque anni.

If trains or buses are running, they are available to travel on.

passare, transitare
The buses only run until 11 p.m. Gli autobus vanno solo fino alle 23.00.

If liquid runs somewhere, it flows.

Tears ran down her face. Le lacrime le scorrevano sul viso.

If a piece of equipment is running, it is switched on and working.

essere in funzione, funzionare
The engine is running more smoothly now. Il motore sta funzionando meglio ora.
noun uk /rʌn/ us /rʌn/

B1 the act of moving on your feet at a speed faster than walking

I think I’ll go for a run. Credo che andrò a correre.

in cricket or baseball, a single point

punto (nel gioco del cricket, baseball, ecc.)
to score a run segnare un punto
They lost by two runs. Hanno perso per due punti.

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