Translation of "supply" - English-Italian dictionary


verb uk /səˈplaɪ/ us /səˈplɑɪ/ present participle supplying, past tense and past participle supplied

to give things that people want or need, often over a long period of time

fornire, rifornire
Who will supply the food for the party? Chi fornirà il cibo per la festa?
This lake supplies / the whole town with water. Questo lago rifornisce d’acqua tutta la città.
noun uk /səˈplaɪ/ us /səˈplɑɪ/ plural supplies

an amount of something that is ready to be used

scorta, provviste, fornitura
a supply of water una fornitura di acqua
food supplies provviste alimentari

(Translation of “supply” from the Cambridge English–Italian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)