Translation of "year" - English-Italian dictionary


noun uk /jɪər/ us /jɪər/

A1 a period of twelve months, or 365 or 366 days, especially from 1 January to 31 December

He joined the company a year ago. È stato assunto dall’azienda un anno fa.
be … years old

A1 to be a particular age

avere… anni (di età)
Her son is six years old. Suo figlio ha sei anni.

A2 the part of the year, in a school, college, or university, during which courses are taught

the school year l’anno scolastico
I’m in my second year at Pisa University. Sono al secondo anno all’università di Pisa.
years [ plural ]

B1 a long time

anni, molto tempo
I haven’t seen Linda for years. Sono degli anni che non vedo Linda.

(Translation of “year” from the Cambridge English–Italian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)