Translation of "all right" - English-Japanese dictionary

all right

adjective, adverb uk /ˌɔːl ˈraɪt/ us /ˌɔl ˈraɪt/ UK also alright

A1 happening successfully or without problems

うまく行って, スムーズに運んで
Did the interview go all right?

A2 safe or well

大丈夫な, 安全な, 元気な
You look pale – are you all right?

A2 used to ask if you can do something or to say that someone can do something

(~しても)よい, 差し支えない
Is it all right if I put some music on?

B1 good enough, although not excellent

まずまずの, まあまあの
The hotel wasn’t great, but it was all right.
that’s all right

A2 something you say when someone says sorry to show that you are not angry

‘I’m sorry, I forgot all about your party.’ ‘That’s all right.’
that’s all right mainly UK

A2 used as an answer when someone thanks you

‘Thanks for cleaning the kitchen.’ ‘That’s all right.’
exclamation uk /ˌɔːl ˈraɪt/ us /ˌɔl ˈraɪt/ also alright

A1 used to say yes to a suggestion

(提案に対し)いいよ, 了解
‘How about going out for dinner?’ ‘All right.’

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