Translation of "bite" - English-Japanese dictionary


verb uk /baɪt/ us /bɑɪt/ present participle biting, past tense bit, past participle bitten

B1 to cut something using your teeth

(~に)かみつく, ~をかむ, かじる
She bit into an apple.
He was bitten by a dog.
bite someone’s head off

to speak to someone in a quick, angry way, for no good reason

I only asked if I could help – there’s no need to bite my head off!
bite off more than you can chew

to try to do something that is too difficult for you

~の能力以上のことをしようとする, 無理をする
We bit off more than we could chew when we tried to build our own house.
he, she, etc. won’t bite

you do not need to be frightened of a particular person or thing

怖がらなくていい, かみついたりしないよ
Just go and ask her – she won’t bite.
noun uk /baɪt/ us /bɑɪt/

a piece taken from food when you bite it

She took a bite from her pizza.

an injury caused when an animal or insect bites you

(動物に)かまれた跡, 虫刺され
mosquito bites

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