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auxiliary verb uk strong /duː/ us /du/ weak // us /du/ present participle doing, past tense did, past participle done

A1 used with another verb to form questions and negative phrases

Do you need any help?
I don’t know.

A2 used at the end of a sentence to make it into a question

Sarah lives near here, doesn’t she?

B1 used to avoid repeating a verb that has just been used

‘I hate that song.’ ‘So do I.’

used to make the main verb stronger

He does like you – he’s just shy.
verb uk /duː/ us /du/ present participle doing, past tense did, past participle done

A1 to perform an action

Go upstairs and do your homework.

A1 to perform a type of exercise or activity

She does yoga three times a week.

A2 to make or prepare something

~を作る, ~を準備する
Max’s Café does great sandwiches.

A2 used for talking or asking about how healthy, happy, or successful someone is

‘How is your niece doing?’ ‘She’s doing really well, thanks.’

A1 UK to study a subject

Diana did history at university.
do the cleaning, cooking, etc.

A1 to perform a job in the house

I do the cooking, but Joe does most of the cleaning.
what do you, does she, etc. do?

A1 used to ask what someone’s job is

‘What do you do?’ ‘I’m a doctor.’
do badly/well

B1 to not succeed, or to succeed

Sam did very well in his exam.
do your hair, make-up, etc.

B1 to make your hair, make-up, etc. look nice

It takes him half an hour to do his hair in the morning.
do your hair, makeup, etc.

to make your hair, makeup, etc. look nice

I need to do my hair before we go out.
be/have to do with something

to be related to something

She lacks confidence and I think that has to do with her childhood.
have to do with something

to be related to something

Our profits are down, which has to do with poor sales.
do someone good

to have a good effect on someone

A holiday would do you good.
will do

will be satisfactory

You don’t have to pay now. Next week will do.
could do with someone/something

to need or want someone or something

I could do with a few days off work.

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