Translation of "even" - English-Japanese dictionary


adjective uk /ˈiː·vən/ us /ˈi·vən/

flat, level, or smooth

Find an even surface to work on.
→ Opposite uneven

An even race or competition is one in which both teams or people involved have the same chance of winning.

互角の, 同等の
adverb uk /ˈiː·vən/ us /ˈi·vən/

A2 used to emphasize something that is surprising

Everyone danced, even Mick.
not even

A2 used to emphasize something that is surprising

~でさえも~ない, ~さえ~ない
I said hello, but he didn’t even look at me.
even better, faster, smaller, etc.

B1 used when comparing things, to emphasize the difference

Alex will be even taller than his father.
even if

used to say that nothing will change if something happens

Even if you take a taxi, you’ll still miss your train.
even though


He went to work even though he wasn’t well.

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