Translation of "ground" - English-Japanese dictionary


uk /ɡraʊnd/ us /ɡrɑʊnd/

past tense and past participle of grind

“grind” の過去形、過去分詞形
noun /ɡraʊnd/ us /ɡrɑʊnd/
the ground

B1 the surface of the earth

I sat down on the ground.

[ no plural ] the soil in an area

The ground was soft after the rain.

B1 UK an area of land used for a particular activity

グラウンド, ~場
a football ground
grounds [ plural ]

the land around a building

土地, 用地
the grounds of the hospital
Smoking is not allowed on school grounds.
grounds [ plural ]

a reason for doing or believing something

理由, 根拠
I refused on the grounds that (= because) it was too risky.
We have grounds to believe that you have been lying to us.

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