Translation of "hold" - English-Japanese dictionary


verb uk /həʊld/ (past tense and past participle held)

A2 to have something in your hand or arms

~を手に持つ, ~を抱きかかえる
He was holding a glass of wine.
She held the baby in her arms.

B1 to keep something in a particular position

Can you hold the door open, please?
Hold your hand up if you know the answer.

B1 to organize an event

They are holding an election.
The meeting will be held on Tuesday morning.

B1 to contain something

The bucket holds about ten litres.

to keep someone in a place so that the person cannot leave

~を監禁する, 拘束する
I was held prisoner in a tiny room.
hold it! informal

used to tell someone to wait

Hold it! I’ve forgotten my coat.

(Translation of “hold verb” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)