Translation of "home" - English-Japanese dictionary


noun uk /həʊm/ us /hoʊm/

A1 the place where you live

家, 家庭
He wasn’t at home.

a place where people who need special care live

an old people’s home
feel at home

B1 to feel happy and confident in a place or situation

くつろぐ, 慣れる
After a month she felt at home in her new job.
adverb uk /həʊm/ us /hoʊm/

A2 to or in the place where you live

家に, うちへ
He didn’t come home until midnight.
I went home to visit my parents.
I called her, but she wasn’t home.
adjective uk /həʊm/ us /hoʊm/
home address/phone number

an address or phone number for the place where someone lives

自宅の住所/ 自宅の電話番号

made or used in the place where someone lives

家での, 自家製の
home cooking
a home computer

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