Translation of "promise" - English-Japanese dictionary


verb uk /ˈprɒm·ɪs/ us /ˈprɑ·mɪs/ present participle promising, past tense and past participle promised

B1 to say that you will certainly do something or that something will certainly happen

(人)に~を約束する, 保証する
She promised to write to me every week.
Paul promised / me that he’d cook dinner tonight.

B1 to say that you will certainly give something to someone

Her parents have promised her a new car if she passes her exams.
promise to be something

If something promises to be good, exciting, etc., people expect that it will be good, exciting, etc.

~となることが見込まれる, 期待される
It promises to be a really exciting game.
noun uk /ˈprɒm·ɪs/ us /ˈprɑ·mɪs/

B1 a statement that you will certainly do something

約束, 保証
I’m not sure I can do it, so I won’t make / any promises.
I’ve said I’ll take her swimming and I don’t want to break / my promise (= not do what I said I would).

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