Translation of "really" - English-Japanese dictionary


adverb uk /ˈrɪə·li/ us /ˈri·ə·li/

A1 very or very much

とても, 非常に
She’s really nice.
I really don’t want to go.

B1 used when you are saying what is true about a situation

実際に, 本当に
She tried to hide what she was really thinking.

A2 used to give particular importance to a verb

本当に, まったく
You really shouldn’t worry.

A2 used when you are surprised at what someone has just said

‘Apparently, he’s leaving.’ ‘Really?’
not really

B1 used for replying that something is not true in a way that is less strong than just ‘no’

‘Did you like him?’ ‘Not really.’

(Translation of “really” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)