Translation of "respect" - English-Japanese dictionary


noun uk /rɪˈspekt/ us /rɪˈspekt/

B1 [ no plural ] polite behaviour to someone, especially because the person is older or more important than you

礼儀正しさ, 丁寧さ
You should show more respect for your parents.

B1 [ no plural ] a feeling of admiration that you have for someone because of the person’s knowledge, skill, or achievements

尊敬, 敬意
She’s an excellent teacher and I have the greatest respect for her.
in this respect/many respects

in a particular way, or in many ways

この点で/ 多くの点で
The school has changed in many respects.
verb uk /rɪˈspekt/ us /rɪˈspekt/

B1 to admire someone because the person knows a lot or has done good things

~を尊敬する, 敬う
I respect / him for his honesty.

If you respect someone’s rights, customs, wishes, etc., you accept that the person is important.

~を尊重する, 受け入れる
The agreement will respect the rights of both countries.
respected adjective /rɪˈspek·tɪd/ /rɪˈspek·tɪd/

人望が厚い, 立派な
He’s a highly respected doctor.

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