Translation of "right" - English-Japanese dictionary


adjective uk /raɪt/ us /rɑɪt/

A1 correct or true

正しい, 正解の
He only got half the answers right.
‘You came here in 2009, didn’t you?’ ‘That’s right.’
be right

A1 to know or say the correct answer, or to have good judgment about something

正解する, 判断が正しい
You’re right about Alison – she’s incredible!

A2 on or towards the side of your body that is to the east when you are facing north

右の, 右側の
your right hand

B1 suitable or best in a particular situation

適切な, 適した
I’m not sure she’s the right person for the job.

fair or morally acceptable

道徳的な, 公正な
It isn’t right to lie.
Someone had to tell him – I think you did the right thing.
the right way around/up

in the correct position

The lid has to go on the right way around or it won’t fit.
Keep the bottle the right way up.
adverb uk /raɪt/ us /rɑɪt/

A2 to the right side

右に, 右方向へ
Turn right after the bridge.

A2 used at the beginning of a sentence to get someone’s attention or to show you have understood someone

Right, whose turn is it to tidy up?

B1 exactly in a place or time

まさに, ちょうど
He’s right here with me.
right away/now

B1 immediately

Do you want to start right away?
I’m busy right now.


うまい具合に, 正しく
Nothing was going right.

all the way

Did you read it right through to the end?
noun uk /raɪt/ us /rɑɪt/

A2 [ no plural ] the right side of your body, or the direction towards this side

右, 右側
You’ll find her in the second room on the right.

something that the law allows you to do

the right to vote

[ no plural ] morally good behaviour

正しいこと, 正しい行い
She knows the difference between right and wrong.
exclamation uk /raɪt/ us /rɑɪt/

A2 informal mainly UK used to express agreement with someone

わかった, 了解(相手に対する同意)
‘Johnny, you climb up first.’ ‘Right!’

(Translation of “right” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)