Translation of "ring" - English-Japanese dictionary


noun uk /rɪŋ/ us /rɪŋ/

A2 a round piece of jewellery that you wear on your finger

a wedding ring

something that is the shape of a circle

The children sat in a ring around the teacher.

the sound a bell makes

(ベルなどの)音, 呼び鈴
The ring of the doorbell woke him up.
a doorbell ring

an area with seats around it where people perform or compete

a boxing ring
give someone a ring

A2 UK to call someone on the phone

~に電話する, 電話をかける
verb uk /rɪŋ/ us /rɪŋ/ past tense rang, past participle rung

B1 If something rings, it makes the sound of a bell, and if you ring a bell, you cause it to make a sound.

(鈴やベルなどが)鳴る, ~を鳴らす
The phone’s ringing.

A2 UK to call someone on the phone

~に電話する, 電話をかける
Have you rung your mother?

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