Translation of "round" - English-Japanese dictionary


adjective uk /raʊnd/

A2 in the shape of a circle or ball

丸い, 円形の
a round table
round eyes
adverb, preposition uk /raʊnd/ also around

A2 to someone’s home

Wendy’s coming round this afternoon.

A2 on all sides of something

~を囲んで, ~の周りに
We sat round the table.

B1 in a circular movement

This switch makes the wheels go round.

B1 from one place or person to another

Could you pass these forms round, please?

B1 to the opposite direction

She looked round.

B1 to or in different parts of a place

He showed me round the flat.

near an area

近くに, 辺りに
Do you live round here?
round and round

moving in a circle without stopping

We drove round and round trying to find the hotel.
noun uk /raʊnd/
first, second, final, etc. round

the first, second, final, etc. stage in a competition

He was beaten in the first round.

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